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What is your wish ?

The Boat Genie offers a range of services for boat owners and other users of the canals and waterways of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, and Humberside. We have boats ranging from 6ft to 40ft, cars, a van, and even an electric bike - so we can get to you more or less wherever you are on the waterways.

We are not a dealer or agent for any specific company “selling” anything - so our advice is truly independent. Although we carry a wide range of small items, we also do not "sell" major equipment from stock. If you want or need a piece of equipment we can order whatever make and model you choose, but we have to add a small surcharge for our time and travel. Alternatively, we are more than happy for you to arrange supply yourself and just use us to install / fit / connect.

Our main services

Electrical and electronic work.

We have many qualifications and years of experience, and we can install or repair practically anything with wires. Our typical boat jobs are such things as ;- replacing water, bilge, and waste pumps, fitting or replacing dashboard controls, gauges and switches, tracing and fixing relay and cable faults. We can do a complete rewire on an engine (inboard petrol or diesel, and some but not all outboards), but we are not a boatyard and a full fitout of a bare hull would probably be better done by a boatyard. We are also happy to work on hoovers, generators, invertors, TVs and so on, however please be aware that parts are often difficult or impossible to obtain, and where they are available the cost often makes the job uneconomical.

Diesel Polishing and associated work.

We are agents for “Tankbusters”. We can test the diesel in your tank and clean the tank / polish the diesel as required. Testing is free, and no obligation. We can also replace your filters for you as part of the service (you may need to supply the replacement elements as we can not carry stock of every possible filter).

Small canvas repairs.

We do not have the work-space to make covers from scratch, but we can do most repairs. We carry a small stock of zips, fasteners, window sheeting and canvas patch bits, and a sewing machine that can cope with multiple layers of canvas. If we do not have the colour or type of fabric, or the specific zip or fitting you require we can usually get it in a day or two.

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Locate and recover items from the water.

We have a wide range of search and recovery equipment, not just the usual magnet on a string, but more sophisticated items such as an under-water metal detector, several under-water CCTV cameras, various “grabbers”, poles, hooks, and lines such that (if we can find it) we can recover most things up to about 1m long and/or 25Kg.

Underwater survey and clearance.

We have several under water CCTV systems which are ideal for prop, rudder, water intake and other under water inspections (not full bottom surveys). If you have a fouled prop or water intake we can either use our “grabbers” to clear it or (if we have to!) we can put on a wetsuit and do the job by hand.