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More Services

Comprehensive testing of batteries, alternators, solar controllers, etc.

We have a range of sophisticated electrical test equipment (and the knowledge to use it), so we can test your systems fully, under load, rather than just measuring a static voltage.

Minor mechanical items.

Along with our electrical and electronic training and experience, we have a similar range with mechanical equipment. For example we can repair pumps, vacuum cleaners, and almost anything found on a typical canal boat (provided parts are available).

Servicing and “minor” repairs of most common boat engines.

We are not a mobile boat-yard, but we can do smaller jobs to save you the trip to a yard, e.g. oil & fliter changes, fuel filter changes, fan belts, alternators, starter motors, and similar. We can also fit flexible drive couplings, weed cutters, and similar things in some cases - please feel free to give us a call to discuss.

Minor plumbing installations and repairs.

We can clear blocked pipes, replace tap washers, replace taps, fit or replace cartridges in water filters, add pipe branches for new appliances, etc.

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Solar Systems.

We can offer a full service starting with a power audit of your boat and a comprehensive load-test of your batteries, alternator(s), etc. through specifying a system to suit your needs (anything from from a weekender to full-time live-aboard), supplying all components, installing, and testing.  Alternatively we are perfectly happy to just connect up and test if you want to select, source, and install the parts yourself.

Supply and fit LED lights and bulbs.

We carry a small stock of the most common LED bulbs, and we can order almost any bulb or fitting. Alternatively we are happy to fit either bulbs or fittings you have purchased yourself.